Dr. Faye Q. Miller is an internationally recognized social science researcher, editor, creative producer and published author who specializes in social and ethical aspects of science and technology, and transdisciplinary research methods. Faye is also a qualified career development practitioner and counsellor, educator and narrative coach in writing and producing for creative professionals and knowledge brokers/science communicators, with twenty years of experience in higher education and industry.

Faye has a long-held personal interest in understanding the role of knowledge in social-ecological systems. After experiencing and surviving a series of geological disasters in her youth, she began writing nonfiction and fiction about the importance of human relations and socio-cultural dimensions of sustainability.

During her Ph.D at Queensland University of Technology completed in 2014, she developed a transdisciplinary knowledge ecosystems model for research innovation. Dr. Miller’s peer-reviewed research books, journal articles, media pieces and creative works, have impacted across areas such as higher education, information science, knowledge management, software engineering, internet communication, mental health and wellbeing, social policy and career development.

Dr. Miller is Founder and Principal Consultant at Human Constellation, Research and Career Development Consulting. She has led and partnered on projects with multiple universities and organizations including Reddit, Twitter, CSIRO, Swiss Academy of Arts and Sciences, International Documentary Association, the Australian National University and Harvard University. Her latest scholarly books are Producing Shared Understanding for Digital and Social Innovation (publisher Palgrave Macmillan UK, 2020) and its companion guide for practitioners Shared Understanding for Social Sustainability and Regeneration (HC Publishing, 2023). She also wrote and produced the documentary film Imaginative Storytelling Experiences filmed in Epping Forest, London (2016). She recently wrote book reviews for shepherd.com. She is currently developing a social science fiction novel and film project about relations between humans and artificial intelligence in climate futures. She writes the blog newsletter Life Patterns.

For inquiries email: faye(at)humanconstellation.org